In Hokkaido, a cameraman filmed a deer with the head of another, defeated in battle, stuck in its antlers. So he walks like this all his life and pierces into dead eyes.

The best allegory of war and the post-war time that I have come across.

The further it goes, the more difficult it becomes to write notes. Even as irregularly as I used to do it. Programming? Household stuff? Anything else? Whatever I decide to write about, everything ends up seeming stupid, unnecessary, and inappropriate.

However, many topics that were previously taken seriously, but not really close — now literally acquired form, sound, taste, and color. For example, the tweet at the beginning of this note: before current events it was sad and gloomy, but now, when it's time to look into those eyes, it feels entirely different.

Peace for everyone.

2 May 2022 meanwhile


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