Romania's Feature

Making a password recover function via SMS for our customer portal. Got to the Twilio documentation related to alphanumeric sender ID support in different countries; this feature allows you to send messages so that the recipient sees not the sender's number but something meaningful (a company name, for example).

The feature is regulated differently everywhere: in some countries it just works, but in others registration is possible or even required.

Well, let's take a look:



  • Portugal: yes
  • Puerto Rico: no
  • Qatar: yes (with registration)
  • Reunion: yes
  • Romania: yes (with registration) (but be afraid of Dracula)

I don’t know how else I can explain this cemetery.

UPD: Found the answer. Grave crosses mean you have to pay $700 to register.

To be frank, I like the explanation about Dracula much more.

2023-08-30 01:02:24 meanwhile work


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