Environmental Storytelling

I like to notice things in the world around me that clearly have a story behind them. In video games, this is called “environmental storytelling”: they don’t tell you the story directly, but if you look around, you can guess which gun was hanging on the wall and who fired from it.

For example, I recently celebrated the company's 10th anniversary with colleagues at a local golf club. Balls had to be sent flying from the second floor; there are no railings for obvious reasons, but a net is stretched in case someone loses their balance.

Photo from the club website to make it clearer.

Why are you talking about this, you ask? Well, there are warnings on the walls: jump into the net of your own free will and pay ten thousand dirhams. Recording this heroic leap of faith on camera is fine as well, just prepare five thousand more.

Do you feel the smell of a good history?

Another example: once flew to Turkey to rest and decided, just in case, to look through the rules of the airline (what can be taken on board, what can not). Among the list of items prohibited from being carried on board, I found “steel spear” and “steel flail” 😬

UPD: Another great example from somewhere on the Internet.

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