Everyday Heroism

Some time ago, I was setting up Swagger for the internal API. While I was fiddling around, it became clear that some functionality did not need to be included in the documentation. I was looking for a way to do this without crutches and came across a funny question on GitHub.

What's funny, you ask? Well, I involuntarily remembered Mista. Among 1C developers, this is synonymous with the word “toxicity”: if you ask anything there, you get a bucket of slop by the collar instead of an answer. Here, of course, everything is not so neglected, but holy crap! These persistent guys who referring to the 14-page manual made me laugh a lot.

One thing is good: by the end of the thread, there appeared a brave rebel who just answered the question. They, like, named the required parameter for a FastAPI method's decorator, which is not supposed to be shown in the documentation. No links — could you imagine?

Not all heroes wear capes, I would say.

2023-09-24 23:06:30 work Swagger


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