Timesheet for Obsidian

I made another Obsidian plugin, this time for daily notes. Draws a nice report: what tasks I worked on, what I did, and how much time I spent. I tried to describe how it works in the repository; will be glad if it is useful to someone else!

Funny thing: for the examples in the README, I used issue numbers FBI-1, FBI-2, and so on. This isn't a reference to the X-Files or Twin Peaks — it's just the first thing that came to mind. The fact is that our internal project for the development of FirstBit ERP is called First Bit Internal, abbreviated as FBI. The main pool of tasks we work on lives in it.

We’re already used to it, but our colleagues outside the company always find our screenshots from JIRA or SonarQube amusing. Did you imagine that you were Agent Cooper? Well, I almost don’t even need to :)

2024-05-12 done TypeScript Obsidian work


One Query More, One Query Less ← Ctrl → Screenshot With Sound