A Script to Sync With NAS

I posted on GitHub a Python script which I use to sync files between my PC and a NAS. I have a Synology DS220j; a lot of software comes with it, including a backup utility. However, it seems to have been made for show only: the program began to fail even at the setup stage, so I lost confidence in it pretty fast.

I suffered with the problem for some time and eventually returned to the good old rclone, which has only two problems for me. Firstly, I can't normally connect to an SMB share: yes, the login and password can be saved in Windows and rclone will use them, but OS will forget it as soon as possible. I got out of the situation by connecting my NAS as an external drive.

Secondly, I had many files and folders to sync: a directory here, a directory there, a config from there, a profile from here… In order not to produce spaghetti code, I wrote a simple script that takes sources and receivers from a config file, and then executes rclone for each pair.

2021-06-07 done Python workplace


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